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Capital Improvement Analysis and Project Management

First Harvest Farm Management has the experience and knowledge to evaluate capital improvement projects with a sharp pencil to improve the bottom line of the farm operation. Once the project is approved, we’ll manage it to a successful conclusion.

Obtain Eligibility For and Collect USDA Farm Program Payments

Government farm program payment eligibility gets more restrictive with each farm bill. Let First Harvest navigate the complex process to enroll your farm for eligible program payments.

Oversee Hunting Lease Opportunities

Many farms have opportunities to increase net return from leasing non-tillable land for hunting purposes. With our proper risk management and evaluation of the market, many of our clients can realize extra income from their farm.

Develop and Implement Cost Saving Measures

With today’s tight margins in agriculture, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you have someone with experience working to protect and improve your bottom line?

Crop Input Analysis and Implementation

At First Harvest Farm Management, it is our goal to review annually the crop rotation and inputs such as fertilizer, herbicides, pesticide programs, and seed selection to ensure that the crop plan fits the farm and the yield goals.

Crop and Farm Insurance Review

Every farm operation needs a robust periodic analysis and review of insurance coverages. First Harvest Farm Management completes an annual review with the landowner to ensure proper coverages are in place.

Enterprise Budgeting and Analysis

How many times have you wondered “Am I getting the best return on my farming operation?” We’ll do the number crunching for you and share our recommendations!

Manage Conservation Practices

We have many years of experience working with government cost-share programs and with conservation contractors. First Harvest will work closely with all parties to make sure the project improves the farm productivity and the bottom line.

Land Acquisition Strategies

Have you ever wondered how adding land might impact your operation? Does it make sense to trade tracts of land or sell a piece and reinvest? We have years of experience working with clients who look at their farmland as an integral part of their investment portfolio. We have excellent relationships with local realtors, attorneys, and banks, and have over 15 years of experience working with IRS Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.

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Grain Marketing

At First Harvest, we market our client’s grain with one simple philosophy – “If this were our own grain, how would we market it?” At First Harvest, when making grain sales for clients, we utilize advisory services for the big picture strategy, compare local cash grain bids to maximize price, and use a little bit of old-fashioned common sense to ensure that our clients benefit from sound grain marketing strategies.

Your Farm Is in Good Hands With First Harvest Farm Management, LLC

We use our knowledge, experience, and integrity to respect the land, provide ease of ownership, and maximize your profits.

Principal Farm Manager

Joe Dierker is an Accredited Farm Manager certified through the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, a Certified Crop Advisor through the American Society of Agronomy and a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor through the American Bankers Association – Institute of Certified Bankers. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business from Illinois State University and earned a Master of Business Administration from Quincy University. Joe is a graduate of the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program, a highly-recognized two-year curriculum designed to develop leaders in the industry through seminars, domestic and foreign travel and networking with industry and government leaders. Joe has excellent relationships with area farmers, agricultural vendors and resources, attorneys, banks, and realtors. He also has over 15 years of experience in facilitating IRS Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges.


Joe Says It Best

"At First Harvest Farm Management, LLC, we work with farm owners on a full range of issues including cost-saving measures, tenant screening and selection, crop input analysis, grain marketing, budgeting, conservation practices, hunting leases, and best use of government farm-income support programs. Our goal is to provide landowners with optimal profitability from their land investment while, at the same time, being good stewards of the land itself.”

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