September 20, 2018

2018 Seed Comparison Plot

2018 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot

First Harvest Farm Management LLC’s 2018 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” is located east of Pittsfield on 235th Avenue. The 2018 plot featured a three-replication population study, whereby ten different participating seed providers entered one hybrid per company in the plot at three separate population levels. Each seed representative specified the planting population for the 100% planted rows. On either side of the base population, the same hybrid was planted at 110% and at 90% levels with the study determining the yield at the three population levels. The economic analysis was then performed to determine the optimum planting level, taking into account seed costs, fertilizer and chemical expense, as well as harvest cost. The plot was harvested on September 18, 2018 with the results shown in the harvest-analysis spreadsheet below.

The plot parameters were designed to allow local producers to evaluate the bottom-line revenue versus cost for varying planting rates, which in this period of low grain prices, can help protect the bottom-line profitability for Western Illinois farming families.

The specifics for the 2018 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” corn hybrid study was developed over last winter with input from the participating seed providers. Soil test information was provided by RPM Soils, LLC including soil pH, organic matter, and base levels of potash and phosphorus. The 2018 fertilizer was applied based per these recommendations, and conservation tillage completed in mid-November 2017. The plot was planted on April 28th courtesy of Prairieland F.S. Precision Seed Manager Craig Ator and Seed District Sales Manager Dusty Morrow with Ag Leader GPS (Global Positioning System) mapping equipment. 2 separate post-emergence chemical applications were completed in May for weed control purposes. Mid-season fungicide application was aerial applied on July 18th to help protect from foliar disease pressure including Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight.

The study featured in-season plot inspections from the following participating agronomy professionals including Nutrien, Inc., Pioneer Hybrids, Logan Agri-Service, NuTech Seeds, Wyffels Hybrids, and Beck’s Hybrids. Each agronomy professional walked thru the plot and observed growing conditions, yield potential, disease threat, and maturity of the various hybrids.

Harvest took place on September 18th, with several of the seed representatives present to help with the harvest. Two weigh wagons were utilized, with a calibration of the weigh wagons completed before the plot was harvested to ensure uniform sample weights. Each population replication was harvested and weights from each 4 harvested rows were recorded from weigh wagons positioned at either end of the plot. Row length, weight and moisture of the grain sample was recorded, and yield was independently calculated by First Harvest Farm Management, LLC.

Thanks to the following participating seed providers in the 2018 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” included Pioneer Hybrids-Bret Lipcaman, Nutrien, Inc. (Dyna-Gro Seeds)-Larry Hanna and Tom Wainman, Wyffels Hybrids-Dave Kraushaar and Brian Mansfield, Burrus Hybrids-Randy McCaskill, Beck’s Seed-Michael Risley, Prairieland F.S. (Dekalb Seeds)-Dusty Morrow and Craig Ator, Channel Seeds-Tony Crowder, NuTech Seeds-Wayne Bingham, Logan Agri-Service, Inc. (Lewis Hybrids)-Ed Logan and Court White, and Munson Hybrids. Thanks to the cooperators for the 2018 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” Edgewood Farms, LLC and farm operators Earl and Vicky Phillips.

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