2019 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot Announcement

First Harvest Farm Management, LLC is pleased to announce plans for the 2019 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” For 2019, we will again provide area producers valuable information regarding management ideas they can evaluate for their own operation. This information is provided as a courtesy of First Harvest Farm Management, LLC. The 2019 plot will compare one hybrid provided by each of our 12 participating seed providers under three separate replications. The first replication will involve the hybrid planted without the benefit of furrow applied enhancements. The second replication will involve the same hybrid, this time with in-furrow applied starter fertilizer. Finally, each hybrid will be planted in a third replication, this time with the starter fertilizer, plus in-furrow biologic seed growth enhancement. Watch this blog for additional information as we get closer to planting!

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