November 18, 2019

2019 Seed Comparison Plot

2019 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot Results, Findings

2019 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot

The 2019 First Harvest Farm Management “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” was harvested on Friday, November 8th, on a cool and cloudy day. Overall, yields were quite good with the top hybrid taking full advantage of the MycoApply EndoPrime biologic product and topping out the plot at 250 bu./acre. Despite some incidences of Green Snap in several of the hybrids, the plot provides extremely useful data. Overall, factoring in the cost per acre to add in Invigoron Starter Fertilizer at $15.00 per acre, the overall average economic improvement of $26.25/acre (7 bushel/acre yield increase x $3.75/bu. corn price) would suggest starter fertilizer can improve the bottom line by returning a net $11.25/acre.

This year, despite the late planting, more than abundant moisture, lessened incidence of foliar disease, and higher than normal harvest moisture levels across the board, the addition of the MycoApply EndoPrime did not show uniform yield increase across all hybrids. It improved yields in roughly 40% of the planted hybrids and positively enhanced the plot winning hybrid yield of 250/bu. acre. During the September plot tour, the demonstration of the ability of the MycoApply EndoPrime to bolster root mass and provide increased nutrient update ability would have undoubtedly paid off this growing season had the crop struggled with droughty conditions, or was unable to efficiently absorb soil-water nutrients to match each hybrid’s yield objective.

Click on the following preview image for the full 2019 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” harvest yield report.

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