2020 Plot is in the ground!

The 2020 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” is in the ground. On a beautiful, but chilly Tuesday morning April 21st, the 2020 plot went in under near perfect conditions. A big thanks to Craig Ator, Brandon Morrow, and Max Stinebaker from Prairieland F.S. for your assistance, and use of the plot tractor and planter. Edgewood Farms, LLC tenant Vicky Phillips and RPM Soils, LLC principal Janette Porter were also on hand to assist with the timely placement of the seed and prescriptive biologic products. Seed provider representatives on hand included Tim Lee-Golden Harvest, and Randy McCaskill-Burrus Seeds. Representatives from the providers of the prescriptive biologics included Brian Tierstrip-Nutrien Ag Solutions who provided the Agricen Accomplish LM product, and Dave Weaver representing Newleaf Symbiotics who provided the Terrasym 408 biologic. Our third biologic used in the trial, Valent Biosciences MycoApply EC, provided courtesy of Jack Fry rounded out the 3 replication trial.

The 2020 Plot features 12 hybrids planted in 4 replications. Each hybrid was first planted without the benefit of any biologic product. The same hybrid was then planted in three repeat replications, with each replication incorporating one of each of the three biologic products. These products are designed to enhance emergence, improve root development, promote strong plants and improve yields. We invite you to follow along on blog posts throughout the growing season for updates and together we’ll compare and evaluate the benefits of in-furrow applied biologics on plant health and yield!

You can always check on yield results from current and past “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” trials by clicking on the link at the top of the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC website (www.fhfm.biz), where our yield and trial information is always available to local producers and other interested parties. Thanks for checking in on our blog!

Planter and Tractor completing one replication of the 2020 trial
As each replication is planted, the seed hybrid, biologic product and plot lopcation is marked on a flag and placed in the center of the 4 row replication.

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