2021 Plot to Benefit from Tile Installed in Plot Field

The 2021 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” was the site for a tile project completed by Tom Wombles Bulldozing in December 2020, just in time to benefit and improve drainage for the 2021 Plot. The plot field grid tile intervals were placed on 40 foot centers, and the the 2021 plot will benefit from improved drainage moving excess surface and sub-surface water underground thru an adjoining field owned by Edgewood Farms, LLC to a nearby outlet. The benefits to tile are readily visible, especially after large rainfall events, as the excess water is uniformly removed from the field, improving plant health, increasing uptake of remaining water since the plants are not waterlogged, and helping to improve field conditions especially when planting is pre-ceded by heavy accumulation or repeated rain events right before scheduled planting.

Bulldozer pulling Tractor with Tile Plow installing tile outlet line
Tile plow getting ready to set another lateral seep line on 40′ intervals across plot field
Wombles Bulldozing pulls their tile plow with this 4 Wheel Drive Caterpillar AGCO Challenger Tractor

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