October 25, 2021

2021 Seed Comparison Plot

2021 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot

First Harvest Farm Management is pleased to release the results of the 2021 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” biologic trial and harvest-day video.

The 2021 plot is a repeat of the extraordinarily successful 2020 First Harvest plot whereby 3 different biologic products were tested in 12 different hybrids under uniform agronomic conditions.  The modes of action for the biologics include Accomplish LM’s “bio-catalyst technology” which helps increase nutrient availability and maximize efficient nutrient uptake, especially phosphorus. The Valent MycoApply EndoPrime EC utilizes “mycorrhizal fungi” to stimulate nutrient efficiency, promote drought tolerance, and enhance yield potential and soil health. Finally, the Terrasym 450 “bio-stimulant product” increases early-season micro-nutrient uptake and robust root development translating into yield advantages at harvest-time.

We want to thank our twelve participating corn seed hybrid partners, Jack Fry, Allison Jack, and Larry Hanna, representing our biologic providers, as well as Lipcaman Seed Sales, Chris Holtsclaw of Burrus Hybrids, Jacob Thompson, and Dwight Phillips of Nutrien Ag Solutions for being on-site harvest day and providing and manning the weigh wagons. A big thanks to November Studios, LLC in Pittsfield for the excellent video production of our harvest-day activities, and Edgewood Farms, LLC tenants Earl and Vicky Phillips for their guidance, use of machinery, and support for this project. We also want to thank Ed Logan at Logan Agri-Services for serving as a sounding board for this project and Craig Ator and Max Stinebaker representing Prairieland F.S. for the use of their tractor and plot planter at planting time.

With the Pandemic still impacting the U.S., our plans and hopes were to return to an in-person plot-tour this year. With local COVID-19 cases increasing in the weeks leading up to the scheduled late August plot tour event date, we felt it best to continue one more year in a video format for the safety of our plot participants and guests. We hope you enjoy this project and look forward to seeing you in person next August!

Watch the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “First Harvest Blog” this winter for announcements and details of the 2022 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” at our plot location on 235th Avenue 2.5 miles east of the Nebo blacktop just outside of Pittsfield.

Click below for the full 2021 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” harvest yield report. For more information on the 2021 F.H.F.M. “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot”, visit the First Harvest Blog link on the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC (www.fhfm.biz) home page.

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