Gray Leaf Spot becoming prevalent in the Plot says Nutech Sales Agronomist Ryan Booten!!

Today, I am pleased to add another independent crop observation, this time provided by Ryan Booton, C.C.A., Nu Tech Seeds Sales Agronomist.  (The Pfister Seeds brand merged with NuTech during the summer of 2018, and NuTech will be the main regional brand going forward.  The plot signs are for the Pfister 71 C1PCR Hybrid.)


Yesterday on July 18th, 2018 I had the chance to view the First Harvest Farm Management plot located near Pittsfield, Illinois. The growth stage of the corn is around R4 and Gray leaf spot has begun to show up in several of the corn hybrids. The higher plant populations are showing a slight increase in pressure, but when plants are closer together this is normal to see. I have attached some pictures of some of the GLS from the plot yesterday, late applications of a dual mode of action fungicide should show excellent results as this pressure will continue to increase. GLS is attacking the corn about the same time of year I have seen in the past, it is that our corn crop is much farther along than in years past. Wayne Bingham (Nu Tech Seed DSM) and Max Stinebaker (Nu Tech Seed Intern) also assisted me on viewing the corn plot yesterday. I also noted some Northern Corn Leaf Blight showing up on some of the plants in the plot.

Overall the corn plot has very high yield potential and I look forward to revisiting the plot in the upcoming weeks again. Thank you for allowing Nu Tech Seeds to be a part of your test plot.

Best Regards,

Ryan Booton C.C.A.
Sales Agronomist
Nu Tech Seeds


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