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Today, I am pleased to roll-out the first of a number of scheduled guest commentaries by local agronomy professionals representing seed providers who are participating in our First Harvest Farm Management, LLC Competitive Seed Comparison Plot.  This week, Dusty Morrow, C.C.A. and Seed D.S.M. for Prairieland F.S. in Pittsfield provides our first weekly walk-thru inspection report of the plot including a look at the overall  plant health, yield potential, and general agronomy discussion.  Thanks Dusty for your comments!

First Harvest Farm Management, LLC Hybrid Trial Update 7/11/2018

Joe and I visited the Plot yesterday on a very warm and humid day. We had a chance to visit Prairieland FS Inc.’s entry to the trial DeKalb 64-35 VT2PRO, which is a Disease Shield product also protected with Enhanced Disease Control (EDC) seed treatment. Overall, our hybrid has a very good appearance and a low incidence of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) and other foliar diseases.

We also performed some very early preliminary yield estimates while were in the field. With our very early estimates we have shown yield potential ranges of 234-270 bu./ac. Granted, we have this amount of opportunity as of now, but we must finish this season with certainly some more rainfall as well as a cooler grain fill period than what we are experiencing today.

Other observations made during our visit to the trial exposed that some hybrids have a higher infestation rate of GLS and some other foliar diseases. We also discovered a few Japanese Beetles at work on some already fully pollinated ears. The insect pressure I would categorize as very low and disease at a moderate level of infection as a general statement of the entire plot. That being said, the entire plot has an excellent stand with some very good opportunity for high economic return at this point in the growing season.

Dusty Morrow
Seed DSM/Prairieland FS Inc.




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