Farm Harvest Farm Management Competitive Seed Comparison Plot is Planted!

On Saturday, April 28, we completed the planting of the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot”. The plot is located on 235th Avenue Southeast of Pittsfield, approximately 2.5 miles east of Pikeland Community School on the south side of the road.

Weather conditions were ideal for planting on this cool, but bright sunshine filled day, with soil conditions near perfect for planting. Thanks to Dusty Morrow and Craig Ator for their invaluable assistance in providing the tractor and planter and assistance in planting. Farm cooperators Earl and Vicky Phillips also were on hand, along with Joe and Alicia Dierker.

The 2018 plot consists of 10 seed companies who entered their top-yielding hybrid selection. Each seed representative recommended the planting population for their hybrid. Three replications of each hybrid were planted across the field, 90% of the recommended population, 100% of the recommended population, and 110% of the recommended population. 4 rows of each population, with rows of approximately 825 feet in length were planted. The field has uniform soil types including Clarksdale (P.I. Index of 128), and Downsouth (P.I. Index of 136), and has a strong yield history of 200+ bushel corn.

Watch for updates to the First Harvest Farm Management Competitive Seed Comparison Plot during the growing season!

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