Fungicide and Insecticide Application Made to First Harvest Farm Management, LLC Plot

Early in the morning of Wednesday, July 18th the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC plot corn hybrids were treated to an aerial application of Trivapro (Benzovindiflupyr + Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole) Fungicide by Curless Flying Service, Inc. from Astoria, Illinois.  Application rate was at 13.7 fluid ounces per acre for the 22 acre plot field.  The application also included Warrior II w/ Zeon Insecticide at 1.92 fluid ounces per acre, and Talyx Fungicide Adjuvent at .64 fluid ounces per acre.  The application pattern ran parallel with the rows (north and south) with one pass across the north end to ensure that an even application of product was applied to the plot field.

Many of the representatives of the seed companies participating in the plot this year have commented this is a big year for Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight diseases.  The First Harvest Plot is no exception.  By applying the fungicide, the product should help hold the existing foliar disease in check and help keep it from getting any worse, and protect the yield potential in the plot.  The plot also had some insect pressure, especially Japanese Beetles and some evidence of Corn Rootworm Beetles.  The Warrior II product puts a quick halt to any existing insects feeding on the rapidly developing ears, or feeding on the stalk.  Thanks to all the seed representatives and company agronomy experts for their input and recommendation for the fungicide application.

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