Fungicide Application for F.H.F.M. Plot

On Sunday morning, July 18, Curless Aviation applied the 2021 fungicide application to the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot”. The Syngenta Trivapro fungicide product applied at 13.7 oz./acre included 1.25 oz./acre of Warrior Insecticide plus adjuvent and was aerially applied under near perfect conditions. Photos below show the plane lining up to apply the multiple passes of fungicide. Timing of the application is very good as the plot is now post-tassel and right at the R-1 stage, and on the back end of pollination. With near ideal conditions for Gray Leaf Spot and Southern and Common Rust due to the recent beneficial rainfall totals and early morning dew levels, the plot field will benefit from the application.

In the photos, the plan makes repeated passes applying individual strips across the width of the field, with the fungicide product released from applicator nozzles attached tot he plane’s wings. The pilot lines up each pass according to G.P.S. coordinates, makes the application, and after each pass makes a wide turn, lining up the next pass. It is incredible to see the precision and expertise the pilot utilizes in applying the product.

As of today the plot has reached 1653 GDU’s (Growing Degree Units). At this stage, the individual plants are at R-1 Reproductive Stage where the plant has tasseled and pollination is underway. As the plant sheds pollen and the individual silks are fertilized with pollen, individual kernels are developing. At approximately 1,660 GDU’s, or about 10-14 days post-silking, the corn plant reached R-2 Stage and the first evidence of successful pollination can be observed as the ear is developing as small, white blister shaped kernels can be observed.

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