Fungicide Side-by-Side Trial Protects Yield

The 2018 First Harvest Farm Management, LLC Fungicide trial on Soybeans took place with the application of Quilt Excel on July 18, 2018 on full-season soybeans at a rate of 10.5 ounce/acre. To combat Japanese Beetles also prevalent in the field, 10 oz. Match-Up Insecticide was also applied with the fungicide, along with 2 oz. Franchise adjuvent was incorporated into the chemistry to aid in the penetration and retention of the strobilurin fungicide. The field selected for the trial is rotated between corn and beans each year, and in 2018 was planted to Pioneer P38A98X soybeans in 15″ rows. Planting date was April 25 and harvest took place on October 2nd, 2018.

The trial involved leaving the checkstrip (untreated) along the north end of the field, approximately 90′ wide and 1866 feet in length. The balance of the field of 35 acres of beans received the treatment. Harvest took place with a John Deere 9560 combine and 30′ platform. The soil type on the trial location is predominately Winfield Silt Loam 477B, 477C2

Armentrout Farm-SIde by Side Location Soil Map

Cost per acre for the Quilt Excel fungicide plus application was $23.96/acre. The yield increase for the treated section of the field generated an additional $24.75/acre gross revenue at $8.25/bushel market price, for a negligible net return for this trial. Plant health was observed to be much healthier on the treated portion, but the trial did not improve yield enough to offset the economic cost for the application. While not measured, the inclusion of the Match-Up insecticide controlled the observed Japanese Beetles feeding. See attached Summary Harvest Report .pdf for this trial, labeled “Armentrout Fungicide Trial Yield Report”

Armentrout Fungicide Trial Yield Report

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