Hitting on All Cylinders!!!

The First Harvest Farm Management 2019 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot is now hitting on all cylinders!  After a delayed planting of nearly one month due to excessive moisture and less than ideal ground conditions, the plot was planted on May 29th, and the first emergence was noted on June 3rd.  By July 3rd, the plot had accumulated 795 GDD units, equating to Vegetative Growth stage of V-10, or 10 leaves formed.  At this stage, the corn plant is rapidly increasing in height, with the overall plant height around about 4 to 4 ½ feet tall.  Also, at the V10 stage, the tassel is beginning to form deep within the stalk for emergence about 2-3 weeks later.

The attached photo shows on the left one of the plot hybrids with the benefit of the starter fertilizer application of F.S. Invigoron Plus (10-18-4) starter fertilizer.  The hybrids with the starter at this growth stage are as much as one full vegetative stage ahead of the non-starter replications.  As of the date of this post, July 8th, the plot had accumulated 937 GDD units, or an additional 143 GDU’s in total over 6 days, or just under 25 GDU’s per day.  White waiting for the hybrids to accumulate enough GDU’s to hit tassel and pollination, the plant is undergoing rapid growth and development, including taking full advantage of the available soil nutrients, including nitrogen.  Soil moisture is critical at this stage, and the plant is completing the development and determining the number of kernel rows and kernel length for the ear.

At this stage of development, the individual hybrids in each replication involving starter plus the Valent MycoApply EndoPrime SC biologic are rapidly building root development, which in turn promotes and maximizes water and nutrient availability for yield determination.  As we continue thru the next few weeks, typically the hottest time of the summer, and the critical stage to achieve maximum ear development, the MycoApply EndoPrime SC will help offset plant stress, and help to maximize yield potential.    

Stay tuned for additional updates as we close in on tassel and pollination!

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