Late Afternoon Thunderstorm Benefits Plot

The FHFM plot was on the receiving end of another accumulating rainfall this afternoon as Pike County and much of Western Illinois caught a nice shower with the plot recording .65″ rainfall.  Thought we might get some wind, but other than quite a bit of lightning and thunder, the rainfall came without any wind damage.


The plot looks very nice now as Joe disked across the north end of the plot along the road and cleaned up the straggler corn plants, evening up the rows.  Also, got a chance to fly the plot with one of our tenant’s drone.  Really gives different perspective from the air, as you can really tell the hybrids individual color and height characteristics.  Pollination looks to be complete as the silks are turning off brown now and now we will be scouting to ascertain foliar leaf disease pressure over the next couple of weeks.  Should be able to make some estimates of yield potential as well.



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