Nutrien Ag Solutions-Brian Terstriep and Brock Fifer Pull Tissue Samples on Competitive Seed Comparison Plot

On the morning of June 22nd, Nutrien Ag Solutions Market Development Agronomist Brian Terstriep along with Nutrien Ag Solutions Summer Intern Brock Fifer visited the 2020 Competitive Seed Comparison Plot and pulled tissue samples from the DynaGro D52VC15 VT Double Pro hybrid in the plot. Brian and Brock pulled tissue samples for both the hybrid without the benefit of the Accomplish LM Biologic product comparing root development and plant health and nutrient uptake to the plants that benefited from the Accomplish Biologic applied in-furrow at planting

As a part of the collection of sample plants for the tissue analysis, several plants from both the untreated DynaGro hybrid as well as the DynaGro hybrid benefitting from the Accomplish 408 Biologic treatment were collected and sent off to the lab for tissue analysis.

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