Plot Observation courtesy of Brian Mansfield, C.C.A., Wyffels Hybrids

Thanks Brian for the excellent report and observations on the plot!  While the GLS and NCLB are very much evident, we are hoping the recent application of TrivaPro fungicide will halt further disease pressure.

I walked through the plot on July 24th. As others have said there is a considerable amount of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) present in the plot. There are a few hybrids where GLS has progressed considerably into the upper canopy while other hybrids appear to have good tolerance.
The three different plant populations each hybrid is planted at is the most interesting to me. It is a good opportunity to learn how each hybrid responds to stress as population increases. Some hybrids have done a great job filling out to the tip under a higher population while others have tipped backed more than I would like to see. As the crop progresses over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how the kernels fill. At this point there is no notable lodging, but this will be interesting to evaluate as we progress through the remainder of the season.

Brian Mansfield, C.C.A
Wyffels Hybrids

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