Plot Receives Welcoming Rainfall and Accumulates GDU Units

Over the week of July 26th, the First Harvest “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” received just over 3 inches of welcoming rainfall, pushing the 2020 plot rainfall total to 15.8″ since planting. As of today, our G.D.U. Total has now surpassed 2,000 G.D.U.’s, or Growing Degree Day (heat units) accumulation pushing the plot to the R4 Reproductive Stage, also known as “Dough Stage”. In terms of estimating physiological maturity for the crop, at 2,600-2,700 GDU’s the plant is at “Black Layer”, or considered mature and contains roughly 30-35% moisture level. At this stage the plant begins the process of drying down with the stalk turning brown and the vegetative matter dying off while the moisture level in the ear drops until harvest begins, typically around the end of the first week of September.

Follow the First Harvest Farm Management “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” as we finish out the 2020 Plot and watch for updates on harvest.

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