The 2021 Plot Is In The Ground!

On Tuesday of this week, April 27th, the 2021 version of the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” went in the ground. Planting conditions were near optimal with the planting delayed by exactly one week as the forecast for the original planting date of April 20th included rain AND SNOW in the forecast for that date!!!

Temperatures were cool, but the plot field, worked up with the field cultivator about 10 days earlier, was dry on top with plenty of moisture right under the surface to help promote germination. Bring on the GDU’s!!!

Planter Reloaded and Ready for Another Replication the Field
Max Stinebaker, crop specialist from Prairieland F.S. and Edgewood Farms, LLC tenant Vicky Phillips cleaning out boxes for the next hybrid

The 2021 Plot is a repeat of the highly successful 2020 plot where the Competitive Seed Comparison Plot measured 3 separate and unique biologic products to evaluate impact on plant health and harvest yield. The Pandemic necessitate the plot tour be held virtually, and the 2021 plot will provide producers with two years of back-to-back data to evaluate the advantages of incorporating biologics into their operation.

Follow the 2021 Plot Blog as we follow the crop from planting all the way thru harvest. Please visit the plot, located on 235th Avenue about 2.5 miles east of the Nebo Blacktop and see for yourself the attributes of biologics in your operation!

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