The Plot Gets A Much Needed Haircut

Similar to the struggles we have all had getting a haircut or styling from our favorite barber or hair stylist during the Coronavirus pandemic, the First Harvest Farm Management, LLC “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” received some much needed attention this past week courtesy of Prairieland F.S. and Seed Manager/Specialist Craig Ator, as Craig was kind enough to till up the north end of the plot along 235th Avenue, giving it a fresh look. With my shoulder surgery, and restriction on driving a tractor until the first of July, the plot was getting a bit ragged in appearance. A big “Thanks” to Craig and Prairieland F.S. for your help in making our plot successful.

In these photos, Craig is using the Prairieland F.S. plot-planting tractor and 3-pt. hitch tiller to make a couple of passes to till out small weeds and even-up the north end of the various hybrids in the plot giving it a clean appearance from the road.

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