The Roots Are Looking Good!

First Harvest Farm Management, L.L.C. was pleased to have Logan Agri-Service, Inc. agronomist Brett Forsberg, C. C. A. Court White, and plant employee Isaac Whitaker, along with 2020 summer intern Lucas Unland join New Leaf Symbiotics C.C.O. Matt Helms, Product Technical  Lead Allison Jack,  and New Leaf Symbiotics Strategic Account Manager Dave Weaver at the 2020 “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” southeast of Pittsfield on a rainy Wednesday morning, May 27th. Edgewood Farms, L.L.C. Cooperator Earl Phillips, and plot agronomy advisor Janette Porter from RPM Soils, L.L.C. were also in attendance. 

First Harvest Farm Management, L.L.C. Principle Joe Dierker provided an overview of the plot parameters prior to joining the group digging roots and evaluating plant health, root development and leaf color comparing the TerraSym 408 biologic product against the untreated check for two hybrids entered in the plot by Logan Agri-Service.  The attached photos show the quality of the biologic product in helping get the plants off to an enhanced start especially under the extremely wet soil conditions the plot has had to endure since planting on April 21.

In this clip, Matt Helms and First Harvest Farm Management, L.L.C. Manager and Accredited Farm Manager Joe Dierker discuss the 2020 plot specifications.

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