Thursday Rain Events Drop 1.5″ Rainfall Totals on Plot

The First Harvest Farm Management, LLC plot on 235th Avenue received a grand total of 1.5″ of much needed rainfall in 2 separate rain events on Thursday, July 19th.  An early morning Thunderstorm around 5:00 a.m. dropped a nice .75″ rain, with nearly every drop soaked up by the crop.  That evening, a second round of Thunderstorms rolled across Pike County from the Northwest, this time with hail and strong winds.  Luckily the plot did not receive any damage from either the wind or the hail, but other areas of Pike County did have hail damage.  Some tree damage was also evident in places.  The evening Thunderstorm dropped an additional .75″ rainfall for a grand total of right at 1.5″.

1.5″ total rainfall from early Thursday a.m. storm and

follow-up evening thunderstorm

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