Weed Control Applications Completed

This week, Prairieland F.S. applicators from the Milton plant applied the post-emerge herbicide program to the plot to control early emerging weeds and give the corn the ability to really take off with the warmer temperatures without having to compete with weed pressure. The first pass, applied on Monday May 11th, right as the corn was emerging thru the ground, included Halex GT Herbicide along with Atrazine for grass control. Warrior insecticide added in to control pest pressure provided the plot a good start to the growing season. Our second pass program included Callisto Herbicide for broadleaf weed control, especially pressure from morning glory vines, and a follow-up pass of atrazine and Round-up to knock out any stubborn weeds and grass.

I also ran a comparison this morning of the GDU’s accumulated since planting. As of yesterday, since April 21st, the plot has accumulated 596 GDU’s, or roughly the necessary units to hit V-5 to V-6 vegetative growth. Comparing this years GDU accumulation to the previous two years showed a bit faster accumulation in 2019 as for the same the period we reached 644 GDU’s for same time frame, and well above the 2018 pace of 909 GDU’s for the same date range.

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