Week of July 9th Agronomy Comments by Loan Agri-Service Sales Manager, Joe Hallock

First Harvest Farm Management ,LLC is pleased to add another set of comments to the First Harvest Farm Management “Competitive Seed Comparison Plot” ongoing reports from the participating seed suppliers.  This report is courtesy of Logan AgriService in Griggsville, and comes to us from Joe Hallock, Logan Ag Sales Manager.

Amazing how good things look for as hot and dry as we have been.

Looked through the plot on 7/11. Looks like pollination is for the most part done, and occurred very well.

Ear and kernel counts look very good at this time as well. The corn is in the early milk stage.

A rain in the next week or so will be very critical in holding the kernel count and kernel depth.

Yield can be impacted greatly by ears tipping back, loose of kernel depth, and test weight.

Disease is starting to show up in the majority of corn now. It has been a very big fungicide year.

Even though we have been very dry the high humidity has really brought on gray Leaf and rust.

In the plot it was mainly gray leaf spot. It has worked its way up to the leaf below the ear leaf.

All in all plot looks good, I think we still have great yield potential if we can get a good soaking rain.

Joe Hallock
Logan Ag
Sales Manager

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